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Skyline New York

Business & Technology Solutions: 
Building Strategy and Success


Next-generation Digital Media consulting and production
Streaming and Broadcasting of Events and Conferences
Publishers and Their Digital Channels
Digital Marketing and Advertising
Full-service Media Production and Video Strategy


Products that power Google for education
Educate with simple, flexible, and secure tools using Google Workspace for Education, collaboration and learning


Digital health technology engaging consumers, driving new enrollment, and helping disease prevention and analysis


Building custom and turnkey feature-rich eCommerce applications: retaining users, boosting online store engagement and increasing brand exposure.


Consulting companies and organisations in the agricultural and food industries to shaping, leveraging and disrupting food systems through different trends and technologies


Consulting with travel industry with regard to implement travel technology solutions for travel bookings, reservations, payments, and backoffice management. 


Consulting and Implimenting technology to leverage and integrate new technology into financial services, banking, insurance, global markets, and more.
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